Howard's Day Off

Saturdays 5-7am - KHPR 88.1 FM

"Classical music and related materials, packed in authentic juices," says Howard Dicus, who comes in live for this two-hour show every Saturday morning. The music, which is from his own collection, is as likely to be by Zappa or Sting as by Mozart or Haydn, and each show features a Trick Question...

For those who retain television sets for any purpose, you can also see Howard on KGMB-TV early every weekday morning, or check out his show "Everybody's Business" on PBS Hawaii every Friday evening at 7:30 p.m.

Howard Dicus was a radio network anchor, reporter and manager in Washington, D.C., until, after 22 years of part-time residence in Hawaii,he moved here full-time to start life anew.

While at United Press International in the 1980s and 90s he reviewed classical CDs for the wire service, and in his spare time was president of the Washington Savoyards, an opera company focusing entirely on Gilbert & Sullivan.

"Howard's Day Off" is produced entirely by Howard from his own music collection and unless he's off-island he does the show live.


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