What Is Pono?

ShareThisThe Hawaiian word, pono, is coming up frequently in public statements these days, particularly from political figures. According to the Pukui-Ebert Hawaiian dictionary it means goodness, uprightness, righteous. HPR’s Noe Tanigawa asked an award winning cultural practitioner for a working definition. The Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawai’i is honoring Lynette Paglinawan as one of their 2012 Living Treasures. Barbara Kawakami, Ben Finney, Gordon Mark, and Goro Arakawa are also being honored tomorrow for their contributions to the people of our state. For more information, call Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii on Pali Highway, (808) 522-9200 For more on the award itself, check http://www.hongwanjihawaii.com/news_events/12.html
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