U.S. Trade Representative Urges More Small Business Exports


U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk will speak in Hawaii about the importance of increasing exports from small businesses. The Obama Administration has been pushing for greater U.S. exports as a path to economic recovery. Hawaii Public Radio's Nikki Motson reports.


“In a time when the President wakes up everyday thinking about how to put Americans back to work, one of the realities we know is that when small business grows they tend not to think about picking up and moving to China or Mexico or Canada.”

Kirk says Hawaii is in an important position as the front face of U.S. relations in the Asia Pacific.


“Exporting is a big part of Hawaii’s income. Hawaii sends almost 700 million dollars worth of goods and over 7000 thousand jobs in Hawaii are related to what we sell around the world. If we can get more businesses in Hawaii thinking about adding customers by exporting they’re gonna grow faster, hire more employees, pay higher wages and they probably won’t be looking to pick up to move to Japan or Korea. They’ll do it right there in Kaua`i or Hawai`i or wherever the case might be.”

Kirk says only one-percent of small companies export outside of the United States. The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 provides grants and loans for small businesses, expands free resources for counseling and training, and increases access to federal contracts.


The Small Business Association’s Hawaii district office is located in Honolulu.


More information online at: http://export.gov/

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