Trip Around The Island Sixty Years Later

ShareThis Sixty years ago, one of Hawai’i’s best loved artists, Juliette May Fraser, recorded a trip around the island of O’ahu. Her prints, on permanent view in the UH Hamilton Library on the first floor, have inspired other artists in a collaboration that records features meaningful to us today. Trip Around the Island, an exhibit now at Marks’ Garage, was organized by artist, Sonny Ganaden, and features a series of 30 collaborative prints relating to sites around O'ahu. The show continues at Marks’ Garage through March 24th. Artists involved: Sonny Ganaden, Harinani Orme, Barbara Okamoto, Gina Bacon Kerr, AJ Feducia, Doug Tolentino, Dana Paresa, Carl Pao, Sergio Garzon, Roxeanne Ortiz, Matt Ortiz, Kahi Ching and Diana Ching.
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