"The Tempest", Shakespeare's Roiling Drama With Puppets and Ukulele

ShareThisThe Hawai’i Shakespeare Festival is near its goal of producing every one of the Bard’s plays. This year the festival, which is known for edgy productions, opens with a puppet version of “The Tempest”. At a recent rehearsal, HPR’s Noe Tanigawa found the production combines the talents of some of Honolulu leading actors and backstage artists. Sandra Finney, who headed the UH Theatre Department and created costumes there for decades, is the primary puppet maker. Kudos to Kathy James, Sandra Payne, Karen Meyer and others, Ken Boyer of the Hawai'i Opera Theatre made the dynamic weapons! “The Tempest” opens Friday July 8th and runs through July 17th. “Two Noble Kinsmen” opens July 23rd and “Henry the Fourth, Part II” opens August 12th. Call Brown Paper Tickets or check www.hawaiishakes.org for a schedule of performances and companion lectures. The Hawai’i Shakespeare Festival has been presenting Shakespeare’s plays for 10 years. Two years from now, it will reach its goal of producing every one of his plays for Hawai’i audiences.
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