Taste: Roots in the Community


The team behind Taste has designed a space that encourages chefs---and diners---to get to know each other and try new things.   HPR’s Noe Tanigawa visited the new Kaka’ako restaurant to see what’s cooking.   Looking into Taste, 667 Auahi Street

Taste is located at 667 Auahi street in Kaka’ako. 


 Of possible interest:

The first Hawaii Food Policy Council event of the year - A LOVE YOUR FOOD SYSTEM SOIREE - at TASTE. Enjoy nibbles  from Chef Mark Noguchi and hear  what they've been up to and the plans for the year.
Tickets are $45 and  include  food and drinks. 
Feb 15th
331 Keawe Street


Check out this weekly luncheon for community based workers.





Poni and Brandon Askew’s mobile food truck connection:


Mark Noguchi’s community based, healthy food catering company:


Amanda Corby’s PR, marketing and events business:


audio file: 

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