A Taste of the O'ahu Fringe Festival 2011

ShareThisThe Edinburgh Fringe Festival is an internationally acclaimed venue for some of the most adventurous and satisfying performing arts on the planet. In recent years, local artists and schools have ventured to Scotland to perform, and now an O’ahu Fringe Festival is in the works. HPR’s Noe Tanigawa dropped in on a sample night at the Venue for this report. Tonight, February 4th, the Maui Fringe Festival takes the stage at the ‘Iao Valley Theatre from 6pm to midnight. The O’ahu Fringe Festival is set for November 11-20th this year. Various downtown venues will participate and organizers hope performers will walk, drive or fly in for a great time. It will certainly provide an alternative experience for APEC conference attendees. For more information or to offer your talents, contact Misa Tupou at info@oahufringe.com .
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