Service Dogs Enhance Independent Living

ShareThisAIRED: Thursday, July 22, 2010 

That dog, standing by his dish and looking at you significantly, is capable of a lot more than even most dog lovers realize. HPR's Noe Tanigawa visited a service dog earlier this week to find out what he does for his partner, a lively young UH doctoral student who happens to have cerebral palsy. 

U.H. Manoa's Outreach College presents "Unleashing Abilities: The Genius of Dogs," Wednesday, July 28, 7 pm at the U.H. Manoa Art Auditorium. Panelists will discuss the latest developments in canine communication and scent detection research, including how dogs are saving people's lives through early detection of medical conditions. Maureen Maurer of Hawai`i Canines for Independence, which provides service dogs free of charge, Brian Kajiyama, and Zeus, will be there. For more information check or 

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