The Second Annual Paliku Arts Festival at Windward Community College


The Paliku Arts Festival attracted four times the expected number of visitors when it kicked off last year.  Many families stayed the entire day, drawn in by the welcoming atmosphere and hands-on activities. HPR’s Noe Tanigawa reports on what will be in store this Saturday.

The Paliku Arts Festival runs from 10am to 6pm tomorrow, Saturday, March 31st, at Windward Community College.  Activities are free, the Imaginarium is open for a nominal fee, and there’s plenty of parking.  

The festival’s emphasis is on "doing" art, not just seeing it.  Windward CC art professors, instructors and their students will be on hand with supplies and assistance to those who want to try painting, drawing, and sculpting to moving, acting or making music, prints, masks, poetry and prose.  Community groups such as the Honolulu Printmakers will also be leading hands-on activities.

Don't miss Wayne Levin's photographs of Kalaupapa in Gallery 'Iolani.

Palikū Theatre will feature a free performance of "How I Became a Pirate," a musical version of the popular children’s book.

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