Sanit Khewhok, a few words from the man

ShareThisSanit Khewhok has been an important member of Hawai’I’s art community for over two decades. Born in Thailand, where he was Assistant Director of the National Gallery, he served as Collections Manager at the Contemporary Museum for 19 years and continues as curator for Hawai’I Pacific University’s gallery. HPR’s Noe Tanigawa spoke with him about his own work, now featured in two Honolulu exhibits. Only wish I could have included more of Sanit's insights as a truly experienced practitioner and advocate of the arts. You must try to see the tiny metal foil insects in the HAA exhibit---they are destined to reappear in Honolulu when we least expect. “As It Happened”, the Catherine Cox Award exhibition by Sanit Khewhok, continues at the Honolulu Academy of Arts through October 10. “Embedded, Recent Works by Stephen Niles & Sanit Khewhok” continues through October 17 at Cedar Street Gallery.
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