Poet Joseph Stanton Wins the First Tony Quagliano International Poetry Prize

ShareThisPoet, Joseph Stanton, writes about films, banana trees, Edward Hopper, and the St. Louis Cardinals, among many other things. His poems have been published in national and local journals, and he recently won the first Tony Quagliano International Poetry Award. Stanton told HPR’s Noe Tanigawa that poetry can begin anywhere. Stanton’s latest collection of poetry is entitled, “A Field Guide to the Wildlife of Suburban O’ahu”, available online or at local bookstores. The $1000 Tony Quagliano International Poetry Award "honors Tony Quagliano’s contribution to the world of poetry, and recognizes an accomplished poet with an outstanding body of work. The poet must consistently strive for “cutting edge” and “avant-garde” innovation, which means experimental, innovative, “pushing the envelope” literature." For more, check their website: http://tonyquaglianopoetryfund.com/PoetryAward.aspx
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