Pledge Drive Ends On Schedule, Breaking Records


Grand Total of $959,649 Breaks All Records

At 7:43 p.m. on Wednesday, April 8, 2013, Hawaii Public Radio finished its spring fundraiser Challenge 2013 with a record-breaking amount of $959,649, $2,649 over the stated goal of $957,000. Both the first day of the drive, Wednesday, April 3rd, and the last day, April 8th, broke all records for single day contributions to the 32-year-old community licensed nonprofit arts organization. On April 3rd, the total raised was $118,188 with a record-breaking 393 donors, and today the total for the day was $172,009.

               The pre-drive donations came to $185,571, representing gifts from 1,531 donors.

               "It's hard to translate our emotions into words at this point," said HPR President and General Manager Michael Titterton. "Our goal was higher than ever, and our expenses have been large because we have been expanding our reach on neighbor islands to the point where we now have nine transmitters and are close to our mission of providing two superb program streams to the entire state. It's simply heartboggling to receive this support from all over the state at this important point in our history."

               Over 300 volunteers and community leaders joined staff in the two Pledge Centrals to urge
donations to the two program streams that constitute Hawaii Public Radio, HPR-1, the classical music
and fine arts stream, and HPR-2, the news, information and jazz stream.