PLDC Approves New Draft Rules


The public will soon have the chance to review new draft rules and a strategic plan presented by the Public Land Development Corporation. The effort is to bring greater transparency to the exact scope of the new board’s power.

PLDC Board Meeting 10.11.12

Members of the state’s new Public Land Development Corporation set out to accomplish several tasks at yesterday’s board meeting.

The 5 member governor appointed board approved changes to the PLDC’s draft administrative rules.  PLDC board members say the changes are in response to concerns raised across the state.

According to the PLDC they received oral testimony from nearly 240 people and written testimony from more than 230 individuals and groups.

The concerns were summarized in a document released at the meeting and include concerns surrounding  community input, environmental assessments, lands considered culturally sensitive, ceded lands or important agricultural lands.

Individuals, groups and county governments expressed concern regarding exemptions to existing laws and procedures.

Groups such as the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Sierra Club, Life of the Land, and the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation say the latest documents don’t do enough to clarify either the powers of the board or the process they will follow.

In another vote, the Public Land Development Corporation unanimously appointed Executive Director Llyod Haraguchi as the Public Hearings Officer. With this title, Haraguchi will be responsible for taking the Rules to public hearings. It is unclear whether the other 4 board members will attend and hear public testimony. 

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