Nuremburg: Its Lesson For Today

ShareThisAt the close of World War II, in Nuremburg, Germany, the trial of Nazi war criminals was the first to prosecute crimes against humanity. Genocide was a brand new word, and the proceedings at Nuremburg set the precedent for an international court. HPR’s Noe Tanigawa explains why a film documenting the trial was suppressed and what its current restoration holds for today’s audiences. "Nuremburg: Its Lesson for Today", will have three showings in Honolulu. Both Sandra Schulberg and Siegfried Ramler are guests at a dinner screening by the Federal Bar Association Hawai’i Chapter and the UH Law School on September 8th at the Honolulu Academy of Arts Doris Duke Theater (, (808) 532-8700.) They will also attend screenings at the William S. Richardson School of Law september 9th, (, (808) 956-7966) and the East West Center, September 10, ( For a personal account of the trial, check Nuremberg and Beyond:The Memoirs of Siegfried Ramler, From 20th Century Europe to Hawaii.
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