Na Wai 'Eha, Maui's Four Great Waters Part 4

ShareThis“The general saying is that water flows uphill towards money,” according to Maui planner and consultant, Carl Freedman. Right now the people of Maui face a crucial opportunity to shape their future through decisions about water. Governor Abercrombie has nominated William ‘Aila as DLNR chair and chair of the State Water Commission. The draft Maui Island General Plan 2030 is currently before the County Council. Observers say Maui's new Mayor, Alan Arakawa, may have a different vision. Check out a longer version of the interview with Kumu Hula Hokulani Holt: Check out a longer version of the interview with Water expert and water Commission member, Dr. Lawrence Miike: here, landscape architect/planner Chris Hart gives a good idea of the future Maui really could have:
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