Na Makana Pau 'Ole: Gifts Without End

ShareThisRight now, across the state, 402 people’s lives hang in the balance, awaiting a stranger’s generosity. Three hundred seventy five of them are waiting for kidneys, though other organs as well as corneas, bone, tendons, and skin are highly sought-after nationwide. HPR’s Noe Tanigawa looks at the human side of organ donation with family members of those who gave a very personal parting gift. Na Makana Pau’Ole, Gifts Without End, featuring the quilted memories of Hawai’i’s organ and tissue donor families, is available at National Kidney Foundation of Hawai'i. Check their website . The quilts will be on display at Louis Pohl Gallery through Thursday, April 7th. You can get books at Louis Pohl also, at their new location on Bethel Street across J.J. Dolan’s. For more on grief support, check .
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