McInerny Foundation Offers Matching Gift for West Hawaii Transmitter



When Fundraising For KHPH-FM 88.7 Hits $62,000, Foundation Will Add $20,000 To Campaign Total

As Hawaii Island supporters for HPR continue to contribute towards the $100,000 needed to support the construction of the KHPH-FM 88.7 transmitter, the McInerny Foundation has stepped forward with a strong incentive to increase contributions towards the West Hawaii Transmitter for HPR-2: the Foundation will contribute $20,000 once the total raised hits $62,000. "At that point," HPR Vice President Valerie Yee says, "We’ll have reached a grand total of $82,000, something we think will spur final contributions towards the $100,000 goal." The sign-on is planned for early in April.

The West Hawaii Transmitter Project has been underway since last summer and a group of volunteers led by Julia Alos, Barbara Sterne, and Gabriella Cooper have been working to get the word out and to gather support to build a new transmitter - KHPH-FM 88.7 - in Kona at the antenna farm up Kaloko mauka. The project budget for equipment, engineering and first-year overhead is $100,000. The new transmitter will fill in some of the terrain-shielded "blank spots" from the airport to Captain Cook in addition to reaching the center of Waimea town.

The campaign got off to a strong start -- as of this writing $51,000 in gifts have already been received, many in response to the first matching $10,000 gift to the campaign so generously offered by Drs. Tom Blackburn and Kate Bell of Kailua-Kona.

The McInerny Foundation has supported HPR’s signal expansion efforts from the very earliest years of public radio in Hawaii.

Hawaii Island has already demonstrated its mettle and talent for building radio stations through grassroots support -- this year KANO 91.1 in Hilo celebrates its 12th anniversary.

To be a KHPH Charter Member, call 800-955-8821 during business hours or give on-line at

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