Mauna A Wakea: Understanding Hawai’i’s Sacred Mountain


Mauna Kea remains one of Hawaii's treasures. It's a center of both science and spirituality. HPR's Noe Tanigawa recently made a special trip to Mauna Kea...beginning at the home of a family in Waimea with unique ties to the sacred mountain.

The song that closes the story, “Poliahu I Ke Kapu”, has just won the Big Island Music Award for best Hawaiian Language single. It was written and performed by Hawane Rios, Kapulei’s sister.   See it here: This is an extended version of the interview with Kalani Flores, Pua Case and their daughter, Kapulei Flores.  It closes with a chant performed by Pua, in full view of Mauna Kea:


Check HPR’s facebook page for photos from Noe’s trip to Mauna Kea. We will head up the mountain in tomorrow’s installment.

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