Maui Tea Party

ShareThisFourteen percent of likely voters in Hawai’I identify with the Tea Party, according to a survey by the Rasmussen Report. Eight Tea Party groups have sprung up across the Islands, and recently, HPR’s Noe Tanigawa met with one of the most active,the Maui Tea Party. Tea Party candidate John Willoughby, running for the 2nd Congressional District seat, has recently been endorsed by Sarah Palin, as has Scott Henderson, running for State House in the 7th District. Tea Party groups in Hawai’I: Hilo Tea Party Patriots, Kona Tea Party, Oahu Tea Party, Tea Party Wahiawa, Honolulu Professionals for Change, Maui Tea Party, Maui Tea Party No Ka Oi, and the Kaua’I Tea Party. For more information, check
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