Massive Wind Turbines Transported Across O`ahu


If you travel anywhere between the Ewa Plain and O`ahu’s North Shore, you may be in for a new traffic hurdle starting today. The largest wind farm in the state is coming to the hills just above Haliewa town and the first delivery of turbines departs from Barbers Point tonight.

Kekoa Kaluhiwa with Blade For Kawailoa Wind Farm

Answers to questions from North Shore residents:

Q: Why aren't the Kahuku wind turbines turning?

A: HECO is upgrading the transmission lines, in part to help incorporate the energy added by the Kawailoa wind farm. (Source: First Wind)

Q: How much will the wind power cost?

A: About $0.23 /kwh, fixed price for the next 25 years. The current O`ahu price for oil is $0.35/kwh.

(Source: HECO)

Q: What is the new structure on the bluff near the Kahuku wind turbines?

A: The structure is being built by the landowner adjacent to the Kahuku turbines. First Wind was told it will be a pavilion for horses.(Source: First Wind)

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