Maoli Arts Month: Kuakino: the Changer and the Changed

ShareThisMay is Maoli Arts month, an occasion to celebrate Native Hawaiian art in its many forms. At Marks Garage, artists explore transformation in "Kuakino: The Changer & the Changed". HPR’s Noe Tanigawa visited the show to speak with one of the artists. "Kuakino: The Changer & the Changed" runs through June 4th at the Arts at Marks Garage. This Thursday, May 19th is the Mamo Wearable Art Show at Hawai’I Theatre featuring the latest in contemporary Hawaiian fashion. This Friday is Slow Art Friday on Pauahi Street ---the low key street fair offers entertainment by Na Palapalai and other groups plus food and art demonstrations on a Hawai’i theme. Check for more information.
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