Liane Carroll: British Jazz Awards 2012 Vocalist of the Year Performs on Hawai'i Island


Celebrated British artist, Liane Carroll, has won Best Vocalist and Best of Jazz Awards from the BBC in the past.   Last year, she was named 2012 Vocalist of the Year at the prestigious British Jazz Awards. HPR’s Noe Tanigawa offers this preview of her upcoming concert which will benefit the Hawai’i Performing Arts Festival on Hawai’i Island.

Jazz Artist Liane Carroll

Liane Carroll, performs in a benefit for the Hawai’i Performing Arts Festival, Saturday, February 2, 7 pm at the Fairmont Orchid Hotel’s Salon Ballroom.

Listen to Liane and find tickets and information, at or call 808-333-7378.

Check her moving performance of Tom Waits’ Picture in a Frame:

A link to more Liane Carroll videos:

Liane’s website:

audio file: 

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