Kamau A'e Returns To Kumu Kahua


Michael Mahekona, played by Charles Kupahu Timtim, confronts the activists who had supported his causeThe long-awaited revival of "Kamau A'e" is smoldering onstage at Kumu Kahua. First presented in 1997, the play examines the complexities of its name:  kamau a'e means "carrying on". HPR's Noe Tanigawa reports.

Strong performances and insightful direction by Wil T.K. Kahele make this play a moving experience.  "Kamau A'e" continues thorugh July first at Kumu Kahua on Merchant Stree downtown.  Looking ahead this summer, Kumu Kahua's annual Kala-Bash fundraiser is scheduled for July 7th, and, by popular demand, Lois Ann Yamanaka's "Saturday Night at the Pahala Theatre" returns to the stage next month.  Check http://kumukahua.org/ for details.

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