Kaka'ako is Coming Together!

ShareThisThe Hawai’i Community Development Authority has a new plan for the future in place for Kaka’ako. Last week, rules were adopted that will combine high rises and mixed use development with residences and community amenities. HPR’s Noe Tanigawa continues a focus on this up and coming neighborhood. Loft in Space, a new gallery and performance space, has opened behind Fresh Café on Queen Street. Early next month, Interisland Terminal will open R & D, an espresso bar and meeting place, on Auahi. Then, prepare yourself for Nonstop Kaka’ako, a huge block party set for October 22nd. http://loftinspacehi.com/home/ http://www.interislandterminal.org/ www.nonstopkakaako.com http://www.streetgrindz.com/eatthestreet/ http://radness.jasperwong.net/
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