"Joyful Instincts" in Paint, Adornment, and Clay


“Joyful Instincts” are what link the works of three accomplished artists showing now at Robyn Buntin Gallery.  HPR’s Noe Tanigawa stopped by for this report on new works by Esther Shimazu, Donna Shimazu, and Andy Kay. 

  Painting by Andy Kay, ceramics by Esther Shimazu in the "Joyful Instincts" show at Robyn Buntin Gallery








“Joyful Instincts” continues through the end of the month at Robyn Buntin Gallery on Beretania Street just Ewa of Ward Avenue. You can find more information about the exhibit online.

Earrings by Donna Shimazu

"Tengu" by Eshter Shimazu at Robyn Buntin Gallery

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