Jack London is Dead. Discuss.


Tinfish Press, a small local publisher, supports experimental writing in the Pacific.  Their new collection of  Euro-American writing in Hawai’i should get people talking both about formal aspects of writing, and about race.  HPR’s Noe Tanigawa reports.

Latest publication by Tinfish Press

Find a copy of  Jack London is Dead:  Contemporary Euro-American Poetry of Hawai’i  at Native Books/Na Mea Hawai'i, the UH Manoa bookstore, and through Tinfish Press.  Writers from this volume will read their work Monday, February 18th, 7:30pm at Fresh Café.  The event is free, all ages, and part of a monthly gathering called Mixing Innovative Arts.

In the extended version of the on-air story,  Susan Schultz, Jaimie Gusman, and Scott Abels reflect on the experiences that shape their perception of being white in Hawai'i, and how Hawai'i has affected their work.

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