Hooked on 'Ponics


In our latest installment of HPR’s series, “Feeding Ourselves: Hawai’i’s Food Future”, we take a look at an emerging technology --- that could change the way we grow our food. It’s a method of growing crops and fish at the same time --- and it uses less than 5% of the water that traditional farming does. HPR’s Molly Solomon reports on this sustainable system that’s popping up in backyards across the islands.

Leina'ala Bright, a Native Hawaiian health practitioner, uses her aquaponics system to grow fresh vegetables and medicine in her Waimanalo backyard.

(HPR Photo/Molly Solomon)


Ilima Ho-Lastimosa, founder of God's Country Waimanalo, demonstrates how to assemble a small aquaponics system.

(HPR Photo/Molly Solomon)

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