Honolulu Find: Jazz at Mezz 127


Musicians and listeners are singing the praises of a new venue in Honolulu.  Mezz 127 is not easy to find, but HPR’s Noe Tanigawa reports, it’s worth the search.

Adagio at Mezz 127:  Joshua Kaye, piano, Riya Davis, vocals, Mark Tanoue, bass, and Stew Sherman, drums     ,

Coming up at Mezz 127 in the Topa Financial Center: 

 Saturday, March 9


 Jason Gay soprano & tenor saxes

Dean Taba double bass

Noel Okimoto drums


Adagio with Joshua Kaye/piano, Riya Davis/vocals,

Mark Tanouye/bass, Bonny B./drums


$10 music charge | 7:00—9:30 & 10:00—12:30


Thursday, March 14


Reggie Padilla tenor saxophone

Jim Howard piano

Dean Taba acoustic bass


The Bentos Ethan Capone, Jason Gay, Ian O’Sullivan, Mark

Tanouye, Mark Lindberg, and featuring Jonah “bigMOX” on vocals 

$10 music charge | 7:00—9:30 & 10:00—12:30


audio file: 

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