Hawaiian Tattoos Take To The Runway For Maoli Arts Month


Master Hawaiian Tattooist, Keone Nunez works on Christiano with the help of Kawika Au.


This week, two of the most anticipated events of Maoli Arts Month take place in Honolulu. The first event is the MAMO Wearable Art Show Thursday night at Hawai’i Theatre. HPR’s Noe Tanigawa interviewed the tattoo artist whose designs and models have been showstoppers in the past.

The MAMO Wearable Art Show happens this Thursday night at Hawai’i Theatre, featuring work by Keone Nunes, Nita Pilago, Manuheali’i, Maile Andrade, Carrington Yap, Marques Marzan, Harinani Orme, and many more. At Bishop Museum this Saturday, enjoy the work of over 40 native artists along with food, music and events including a demonstration by Keone Nunes.


Nunez will be among featured artists in an upcoming show of Hawai’i’s tattoo masters opening in June at the Hawai’i Museum of Art.


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