Hawai`i Green Car Share First of Its Kind Nationwide


Environmentally conscious travelers have new a new rental car option in Hawai`i starting today.

A new company, Green Car Hawai`i launched the first car share in Hawai`i. The company is providing an electric vehicle alternative to car rentals and car ownership.

The company is the only one of its kind serving the travel and tourism markets nationwide.

The cars are available for daily fees as well as by the hour for travelers and also residents who want on-demand options to car ownership.

Green Car Hawai`i is renting the Nissan Leaf for $15-dollars an hour or $95 dollars a day. Cars are currently available on O`ahu and Kaua`i. The clean energy vehicles can be rented directly from hotel and timeshare properties.

The company wants to see the growth of shared electric vehicles to improve traffic congestion and reduce carbon emissions.

Transportation consumers more than 60% of oil imported to Hawai`i.

Nissan LEAF Electric Car

More information at GreenCarHawaii.com