Hawaii BioEnergy and Boeing Team for Green Fuel


Hawaii BioEnergy is teaming with Boeing to supply jetfuel grown in Hawaii. The deal was announced Thursday evening as part of the APEC CEO Summit. Senator Dan Inoue helped announce the partnership. 

“It is a big deal. I want to see the day when we can buy gasoline or electricity at the same price that say people in Kansas pay. We’ve been paying extra heavy. It shouldn’t be that way.”

Senator Inoue says biofuel technology is at the point where planes can be fueled for about a-dollar-a-gallon, a price he says will decrease as technology improves. 

The collaboration is still in the process of identifying the blend of crops and the specific technology to create the fuel. Sugar waste, sorghum and eucalyptus are some of the immediate options.  

Boeing representative Terrance Scott says the two partners signed a memorandum of understanding that commits them to only use of sustainable options. 

“You’ve got to be able to do it all sustainably and economically. In other words we can’t come up with feed stocks that are going to displace crop lands or farmlands. Here you know there are very strict land use restrictions. So what can be grown locally, these are the guys to do that based on the acreage they have on the islands.”

The goal is to supply biofuel for Hawaii aviation and help supply the military with cleaner and cheaper fuels. There's no word on the financial size of the deal---or the scale of the biofuel project.

Hawaii BioEnergy was established by three of the state’s largest landowners: Kamehameha Schools, Grove Farm Company of Kauai, and Maui Land & Pineapple Company.