Hale'iwa Farmers Market Allowed To Continue Through April


The state is granting permission to continue the Haliewa Farmers Market through the end of the month.

Earlier this week organizers and farmers were shocked by a letter from the state Department of Transportation telling them to shut it down immediately.

The market has been leasing a parcel of land on a month-to-month basis since April of 2009. DOT and market owners have been negotiating terms for a longer lease, something organizers hoped to secure this month.  

The Department of Transportation says the market’s location violates state law.

Market co-owner Annie Suite says the law was not brought up during prior negotiations.

HPR’s Nikki Motson spoke with Suite after a meeting with Department of Transportation officials yesterday.

(audio clip)

Suite says there has been an outpouring of support for the market to continue on O`ahu’s North Shore.

She says vendors have met all conditions requested by the state and negotiations are underway to find a more permanent location.

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