An Evening of Oli (Hawaiian Chant) With Hawaiian Mission Houses


Hawaiian Mission Houses is launching evening events that trace the history of Hawaiian music.  Free lectures with cultural experts are followed by picnics with pupus and drinks, then a full concert of music and dance. HPR’s Noe Tanigawa reports.

This Saturday, Hawaiian Mission Houses begins a series on the evolution of Hawaiian music with a focus on pre-contact Hula Kahiko and Oli.   The evening includes a free panel discussion followed by socializing (bring your own picnic or purchase food and drink there), with music and dance performances to finish off the evening. 


Saturday, March 23
Hula Kahiko & Oli: Pre-contact Hawai`i Mele (Song), Oli (Chant) and Hula
Featuring: Kalena Silva, Noenoe Zuttermeister, Sam Ohu Gon, Kalani Akana, Kumu Hula Pohai Souza and Hālau Hula Kamamolikolehua, and Nā Wa`a Lālani Kāhuna o Pu’ukoholā.  

You can find ticket information on the series here.

Here is a video of Dr. Kalena Silva teaching a student, Liko Puha.

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