Eruption Music Fest: Exotic Sounds and Killer Cocktails


An ambitious new music festival is taking Honolulu like a lava flow this week. 

eruption music fest poster

Some of Hawai'i’s most multi-talented musicians are joining with guns from the continent in unusual venues. HPR’s Noe Tanigawa found there are two themes: exotica and cocktails.

Eruption 2012 begins tonight at the musicians’ union, 909 Kapi'olani, with an all star jam, local jazz musicians welcome!  Cocktail-toa erupts at Lemongrass Café in Chinatown on Wednesday, followed by events at Hawaiian Brian's and Orvis Auditorium.  Check below for tickets and information.  Waitiki 7 recordings are available on their website---the most recent, Waitiki 7 New Sounds of Exotica, includes a couple of yummy sounding cocktail recipes.

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