Donate your car to HPR!

The donation of your car to Hawaii Public Radio helps us to continue to provide the quality of programming that you expect and hear from both our program streams. It also helps us hire quality staff to keep that programming coming to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Selling your car can be expensive and time consuming. Getting a low blue book value for the car as a trade in can be hard to handle when the dealer turns around and sells it for twice the amount. BUT, by donating your car to HPR, you can rest assured that the money raised from the sale will go directly to Hawaii Public Radio.

Call Bernie Shimono at HPR Monday through Friday between 8 am and 4 pm at 955-8821. Schedule an appointment to come in with the paperwork and in less than an hour, you will have donated your car to HPR. You need to be the registered owner of the vehicle and have a current registration, safety check and title.

Current law states that you may deduct the full price we receive for the sale of your car. This greatly simplifies the process for you, the donor, because you no longer have to research and come up with an estimate of the fair market value of the car. This also eliminates the risk of getting into trouble by overestimating the value of your deduction on your tax return. You'll know exactly the amount you may deduct, eliminating guesswork saving both time and risk. You will receive a letter after the sale of your car at an auto auction letting you know the exact amount for which it sold. That is the amount of your tax deduction.


  • The car must be running and be on Oahu 
  • Under 100,000 miles 
  • Under 10 years old