The Conversation: Monday, January 30th

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A little economy on the big Island "Dr. Leroy Laney is a professor at Hawaii Pacific University. He has served as a Staff Economist on the U.S. President’s Council of Economic Advisers in Washington, D.C., as an International Economist with the U.S. Treasury in Washington, and as a Senior Economist in the Federal Reserve System."

A heritage of African American Jazz  "Chuck James is a drummer, bandleader, and drum instructor. His quartet, with some special guests, will present an African-American Jazz Heritage Concert his Friday at Honolulu’s Doris Duke Theater."

All she is saying is give peace a price  "Mary Buffett is an author, international speaker, consultant and environmental activist based in Santa Monica, California. For twelve years as Warren Buffet's daughter in law, she studied his investment methods. She is in Hawaii for a conference sponsored by the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute."

A brace of butlers but only one whodonit.  "Tim Jeffryes is Anthony J. Lefourt, the only character not named “Butler” In “The Butler Did It,” opening at Diamond Head Theater on Friday."

Plus a succulent backyard quiz, today’s reality check and the international report from  Aljazeera…first the news… from NPR.