The Conversation (2/26): Squatters In The Neighborhood


The Conversation (2/26): Who are the squatters in your neighborhood?  Stephan Jost, the director of the Honolulu Museum of Art, wrote an op-Ed for the Star-Advertiser last month about the tent encampment opposite the museum. Two bills are being heard by the City Council;  Living in a world of your anime-tion: Roy "Buma" Bann is the acting director of Kawaii Kon, the anime convention, which is teaming up with the Honolulu Museum of Art to present Puella Magi Madoka  Magica at the Doris Duke Theater; The Kona Coffee Council Code of Conduct's David Bateman is a coffee grower and attorney representing the Kona Coffee Council. We reached him early this morning before he had to get to the airport.  The organizations Code of Conduct is on our website; Feminism with helmets's just how they roll:  Sylvia Flores is the director of Hawaii Pacific Roller Derby, which starts its 2013 season Friday at 7 p.m. against the South Shore Sirens at Palama Settlement.  Plus the party line in the backyard,  today’s reality check and the world view from Deutsche Welle. 8-9 a.m., HPR-2. Tune in!