The Conversation (2/19): Seeing the Elephant in the Room

The Conversation (2/19): No worries, Inglis spoken here: Stephen Inglis is a guitarist who will be performing at HPR’s Atherton Performing Arts Studio this Saturday at 7:30; Today we see the elephant in the room: David Chang heads the Hawaii Republican Party; Not room for everyone in this tent: Vanessa Chong is the executive director of the ACLU of Hawaii. City Council Bills 6 & 7 are set to be heard tomorrow; A classic definition of a standup Papa Lopaka, also known as Robert DeVinck, is a writer who is giving a dramatic reading of the Classics Illustrated comic book of War of the Worlds tomorrow at 3 p.m. at the Kihei Public Library. Plus today’s reality check, the world view from Al Jazeera and placing your bet on a ram in the backyard. 8-9 a.m., HPR-2. Tune in!