Challenge 2014 Pictures

Day 1 - April 2, 2014 
Gene Schiller on the air on Day 1 with Dr. Lynne JohnsonHPR-1 volunteers ready to answer the phones
Flowers to brighten the room"I Love the music" 

 Paul Lawler takes a pledge during Bytemarks Cafe as Steve Davidson keeps the rest of the volunteers on the straight and narrow.
 Day 2 - April 3, 2014 
 Chef Mavro on the air with Gina Mangieri on day 2 of the drive.Stephanie, George, and Adriana sporting their pledge drive shirts from a few years ago.
"I heart HPR because of BBC"Dr. Allana Coffee hearts HPR because it makes her feel smarter!
Full Nelson Host, Tim Vandeveer with General Assignment Reporter Molly Solomon and Steve Petranik of Hawaii Business Magazine  
Day 3 - April 4, 2014  
Vicki Reisner and the volunteers from the Honolulu Museum of Art taking pledges at 888.944.8800Gene Schiller on the air with Jim Moffat from Chamber Music Hawaii, Maya Hoover from the UH Music Department, and Kent Stewart from the Maui Classical Music Society.
 "I heart HPR for supporting Hawaii's organizations!"The whole picture in HPR's Atherton studio during Challenge 2014.
 Volunteers busy taking pledges in HPR-2's pledge central. 
Day 4 - April 5, 2014  
Chad Blair (Civil Beat), Rick Peterson (Hawaiian Airlines) & Howard Dicus join Michael for Weekend Edition.Rick Peterson, Lacy Matsumoto, Michael Titterton and Howard Dicus.
Guitar Trio: Chris Vandercook, Rupert Boyd, and Ian O'Sullivan Robbie Dingeman (Honolulu Magazine) and Keoki Kerr (Hawaii News Now) join Gwen Palagi and Bill Dorman on HPR-2 
"I heart HPR because I love This American Life and Prairie Home Companion""I heart HPR because it brings in all the hot chicks"
"I heart HPR because it's still cool with the kids" 
Day 5 - April 6, 2014  
Hawaii Island Reporter Sherry Bracken with Kimo Stone, Derrick Malama, and Dave Lawrence on the air during Kanikapila Sunday Gwen Palagi and volunteers answering phones 
Cryil Pahunui and Aaron J. Sala joined Derrick and Dave on the air as well.  Gene Evans and Molly Solomon going over the numbers.
Slack Key artist Jeff Peterson makes his case for support of Hawaii Public Radio. 
Day 6 - April 7, 2014  
We welcome first-time voluneers from the ALS Ohana!The outreach group from I.H.S taking time from roaming the streets and talking to the homeless to instead talk to new and returning members for HPR. 
Day 7 - April 8 2014  
HPR General Manager Michael Titterton with Chad Blair from Civil Beat on the air during Morning Edition on Day 7 of Challenge 2014Alan Yamamoto, Wayne Yoshioka, and Ben Gutierrez on the air with Ray Cruz in HPR's Music Library.
Jon Alan, host of Blues from the Basement and HPR's Listener Events Coordinator, Gwen Palagi with Lisa Maruyama from HANO talking about a new member challenge. 
Day 8 - April 9 2014 
Beth-Ann Kozlovich, Chris Vandercook, and Carmille Lim from Common Cause on the air during Tell Me More.HPR's Multimedia Produciton Manager Jason Taglianetti giving Bill Dorman the latest update
Kevin Chang and Ernie Cruz Jr. joined in to help supprot HPR-2 with Tim Vandeveer and Bill Dorman.The crew from Life Foods helped out during Jazz on HPR-2!
Day 9 - April 10, 2014  
 Noriko Nakimi, on the air with Ken Robbins and Bill Dorman.When the phones don't don't ring as fast as they'd like... the volunteers usually catch up on an old favorite.. the HPR annual Manual!
 Arts at Marks volunteers in between calls in HPR's music library.Later in the day the calls came in fast and furious.
Day 10 - April 11, 2014  
Phone volunteers getting a brief overview from Bridging the Gap Host Nick Yee.  Gene Schiller and JHoan Canfield with HPR Vice President Valerie Yee and HPR Board member Deane Neubauer
one of two bouquet of roses given to HPR by the Honolulu Rose Society to brighten up the roomAs the drive neared the end the calls came is faster and faster.  We even had to ask Rike Weiss to help with the numbers.
At 6:44pm on April 11, 2014 the goal of $1,032,000 was reached. Thanks to all for making it a success.