Butoh Masters Koichi and Hiroko Tamano say Farewell to the U.S.


Butoh is a performance art with roots in the mysterious depths of human experience. After the atomic bomb, its founders in Japan in the 1960’s were looking for movement that could express the angst of a post-nuclear world. HPR’s Noe Tanigawa attended a class to find out how two visiting masters access the interior space where this astonishing dance form begins. Butoh Masters Koichi and Hiroko Tamano perform tomorrow (Saturday) at 2pm at the Contemporary Museum in Makiki. The performance is free with museum admission. There is also a Butoh Jam scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 4. Butoh artist, Lori Ohtani and her troupe, Tangentz, are making this program possible. If you are intrigued, they will host another Butoh Master Workshop Series with Katsura-Kan Dec 7-9. Check http://butoh.net for more information.

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