Art + Flea = Good Times!


Art and Flea is a monthly mecca for certain kinds of Honolulu shoppers.  Artists, artisans, collectors, and second hand dealers show their wares in a night time bazaar.  HPR’s Noe Tanigawa reports.

Earrings by Darlene Mandell at Art and FleaRings by Darlene Mandell at Art and Flea















Art and Flea happens the 4th Thursday of every month, 5-10pm, at Fresh Café in Kaka’ako, 831 Queen Street.  It's an all ages event, $3  at the door.  This month's Art and Flea on March 28th, the theme is Yellow Submarine---theme dressing is always welcome. You can find more information on their website.

Mariko Merritt with her wares at Art and Flea

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