APEC Security Restrictions Announced


APEC is on the way, and we’re digging into the upcoming Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit with all kinds of coverage. Dave Lawrence reports on today's big announcements relating to security.

We’re talking about a lot of issues relating to APEC: the protesters who are upset their location is too far from the Hawai`i Convention Center… we’re getting daily reports on the last minute race to finish the millions and millions of dollars of road and sidewalk beautification projects… we’re covering every APEC member coming with detailed daily weekday features in our Asia Minute… and today we’ve learned some of the intense security measures that will be in place in Waikiki and other locations around O`ahu to protect what will be the largest gathering of world leaders ever in Hawai`i history.

Road closures, parking restrictions, and changes to public transportation routes and public works services will kick in beginning the evening of November 11 through November 13. In addition to Ko Olina, Waikiki / Hale Koa Area road closures, parking restrictions and pedestrian screenings will begin at approximately 10:00 p.m. on Friday, November 11, and continue through approximately midnight on Saturday, November 12. There will be roads closed, fencing, physical barriers, uniformed law enforcement and security from multiple agencies, and… pedestrian traffic inside the restricted areas will be limited to residents and owners and employees of local businesses that fall within the secure area. Government issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license, non-driver photo identification or passport will be required to gain access. Some streets will even run against their normal directions to accommodate the heavy security restrictions and vehicle sweep checkpoints.

In addition to the long list of affected roads in Waikiki, there will also be intermittent closures of other intersections affecting vehicles and pedestrians. There will be restricted parking and at some locations, the bus routes will be affected, and the official press release from the Secret Service states that in certain spots “after conducting business, patrons will not be permitted to loiter and must return to their residence.” The Coast Guard will be out in force and the water and beach areas in the “zone” will also be restricted. From tourists at hotels in the security zone to thousands of residents, today’s announcement means a lot of folks will be impacted in Waikiki.

To see the complete lengthy press release, extensive security maps and find out more information, you can visit http://www.secretservice.gov/press_release.shtml.