Challenge 2013: Destination Hawaii - Photos

April 3, 2013 - Day 1 
The money's on the table...The premiums.
The HPR board answering phones for the first few hours of Challenge 2013HPR's VP and Assistant GM, Val Yee with HPR General Manager Michael Titterton.  And HPR board members, John Alves, and Rosemary Fazio
Outreach Manager, Gene Evans Listening intently to the on-air discussion.Lifetime Member Phil Kinnicut (left) on-air with HPR's News Director Bill Dorman and THe Conversation's Chris Vandercook.
The Dyanamic Duo! Assistant General Manager and VP Val Yee with HPR's General Assignment reporter Molly Solomon. 
April 4, 2013 - Day 2  
Assistant Direcotr of Operations Ray Cruz starting off the day on HPR-2Michael Titterton in between pitch breaks with HPR Board Member Gina Mangieri, Hawaii News Now Reporter, Keoki Kerr and Governor Neil Abercrombie.
The Conversation's Chris Vandercook and HPR's News Director Bill Dorman on the air with HIFF's Executive Director Chuck Boller
HPR Voluneteer Shryl Lynch gives a short class on taking pledges.Gene Schiller on the air with Ian Capps, host of Early Muse, Larry Paxton and Donald Womack fvrom the U.H. Music Department.
April 5, 2013 - Day 3  
HPR's News director Bill Dorman and Assistant Operations Director Ray Cruz between On-Air pitching with Stephanie Chang and Jaqueline Kozak-ThielHPR GM Michael Titterton on air with Board Member Rosemarie Fazio, Legal Ethics Expert, Carole Richeliu, and Caroll Taylor.
Volunteers from the HPU Music Deparmtent answered the phones.  Volunteers busy during the Attorney challenge.
Michael Titterton and the phone volunteers from the Attorney Challenge.  

April 6, 2013 - Day 4   
Noe Tanigawa, Bill Dorman and Aubrey Hawk talk about the importance of supporting Public Radio. Gwen Palagi, Bill Dorman on the air with HawaiiNewsNow's Keoki Kerr.
Volunteer Fuel! Early morning pledge takers in HPR-1
HPR Volunteer Walt holding one of the premium stickers The volunteers during the Brazilian Experience
It's rather nice when we can get all the phones busy at the same time! 
April 7, 2013 - Day 5  
 HPR Volunteers in HPR's music library, often referred to as  "The Basement" or "the Krypt on Kaheka" of HPR-2. Dave Lawrence, Derrick Malama, and Jeff Peterson on Kanikapila Sunday.
Later on Kanikapila Sunday, Derrick and Dave were joined by Kimo Stone, President of the Hawaii Music Hall of Fame, and Hawaiian Musician and former HPR board member, Aaron Mahi. Blues from the Basement host Jon Alan on air with Board Member Alan Yamamoto and Sinatra host Guy Steele during Fascinatin' Rhythm
And Jimmy Borges dropped by during Guy Steele's Sinatra show to help us raise some money.  
April 8, 2013 - Day 6  
Michael Titterton on air with Dr. David McEwan and Dr. Jennifer Frank. Voluneteers  from Booz Allen Hamilton frantically answering calls
 HPR GM Michael Titterton talking with Dr. David McEwan off the air.HPR Volunteer Jane Carr in between taking phone calls. Jane travels from her home in Arizona for each pledge THAT's devotion!
We have the happiest looking volunteers!Chef Sheldon Simeon and Travaasa Hana GM Danny Mynar came in to help us on the air and entice listeners to call in their pledges.
Dr. Kathy Kozak and Arts & Culture reporter Noe Tanigawa on the air with Fran Butera of Foodscapes Hawaii. 
April 9, 2013 - Day 7 
 Chris Vandercook and Hawaii Island Reporter Sherry Bracken with John Rampage from Diamond Head Theatre and Daniel Chun from Alaska Airlines 
April 10, 2013 - Day 8   
The Pen Women of Honolulu answered phones and had a lot of fun taking pledges.GM Michael Titterton in air with Carroll Taylor during All Things Considered on Day 8 of the drive.
The handsome men of Hawaii Human Resources answering phonesHPR-2 Volunteers answering phones coming up to the end of the drive.
 Michael Titterton and Joan Canfield waiting to hear how much further to the end.At 7:43pm on April 10, 2013 Challenge 2013 came to an end after an amazing eight day campaign.  Thanks to all who pledged, supported, volunteered.